Welcome at JoyToy.nl

Joy Toy will continue to develop, produce and distribute a range of high quality toys with competitive prices. Every year we try to create new items which will become “highlights” in the excisting range of products.

Joy Toy is and will always aim to establish a strong and longterm relationship with their suppliers and distributors worldwide.


The main items of the Joy Toy range products in 1997, 1998, 1999 are the famous Joy Toy Loopings. Since 1999 we started to work with freelance designers to develop new items, which fit into the line of excisting Joy Toy products.


Joy Toy has been established in June 1997 with head-office and production plant in Tilburg, Holland. Three employees are working at the administration and developing department and six employees are taking care of the international sales and production.

Most of the parts, 95%, of the Joy Toy products are from European origin and all suppliers have to declare that their products commit to the European norm EN71-1.


Our people in the production plant have to check every part and none of our products will leave the factory before a 100% quality satisfaction.